Saturday, October 16, 2010


Have you ever heard the story of butterflies before? It's really quite amazing. A butterfly starts its life as a crawling slug-like caterpillar. Usually dull-colored and boring, they spend their days simply eating and crawling. Eventually, they go through an amazing, impossible metamorphosis into the beautiful creatures we call butterflies. They go from dull caterpillars to colorful, free butterflies. After being confined to the ground, they are set free into the air, free to travel and go as they please, bringing smiles to little kids.

Butterflies are God's way of showing us that He gives second chances. We all start off as caterpillars. Confined to the dull ways of this Earth. We may do things we are not proud of, things that we regret. Amazingly, God gives us a second chance; He turns us into butterflies. He can open our eyes to His love and glory, showing us the light in the world and the Heavens. Isn't it amazing??

I know some of you reading this now may feel like a caterpillar, but that's OK. We are all there at one point or another, and sometimes more than once. God may not have opened your eyes yet. He has a reason for doing that, just like He has a reason for doing everything else. God always forgives you for what you have done. And He doesn't only give second chances, but third and fourth... seventh and eighth... Just believe with all your heart that Jesus was given to die for your sins. Believe that God is ever-present and ever-loving, and you will recieve his endless mercy.

In the words of PD: Keep the Faith.

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