Thursday, July 22, 2010

God is Calling

I'm going to start this one out with a question: What does God want you to do to spread His word? I started this blog because I believe God put the idea into my head, so I can spread His word to His people. I believe God gave me my musical abilities so I can praise Him and spread the Word through my songs and the songs of others. So what's God calling you to do? He wants everyone who truly believes to spread the Word so others will follow suit. Some listen, some don't, others just don't look, or don't know enough to look and listen to Him. Will you listen? Things done in God's name are the best things to be done. So pick up the phone when God calls, don't just let it ring. If God hasn't made the call yet, do something for His people in the meantime. Donate to your local food pantry, go on a mission trip, volunteer somewhere. Even the little things help. So, remember, when God calls you, be sure to listen, it's always for the best.

Peace be with you,

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