Saturday, July 31, 2010

God's Gifts to Us: Respect Them

God has blessed us on this earth with so many amazing things. The oil in the ground, the beauty and bounty of the land are all gifts to us from the LORD. Why must we abuse them? I think we should respect those gifts more. This was brought to my attention by my amazing girlfriend while we were discussing the oil spill disaster . We are slowly destroying everything that God has given us. The rainforests are a prime example. I don't know the numbers, but I know they are staggering. Many square miles of beautiful rainforests are being leveled off every day. Species are going endangered and extinct left and right. We can and need to stop this from getting worse. Simple things: recycle, car pool, donate money to reputable charities. So go out and change the world in the name of the LORD. :)

Peace be with you,

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