Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Not Always Easy

Last year, during a curling bonspiel (tournament), God taught me a very important lesson.
It was our third game of the bonspiel, and we needed to win in order to have a chance at taking home a medal. We were neck-and-neck with the other team for the first four ends. When I had time, I took a moment to pray to God. I asked him to give our team the strength and wisdom to win the match.
We stayed neck-and-neck through the eighth (final) end and into the ninth (overtime) end. The score was tied, and after every rock was thrown, We gathered at the house to measure and score the rocks. One of our rocks and one of theirs were about the same distance from the center, so we brought out the measuring device. It turned out our rock was closer by literally 1mm.
God taught me a lesson that night. He taught me that things aren't always a cake walk. Sometimes we really need to work to get what we want. It's not always easy. Amen to that.


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