Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I just want to say that this blog is not a place for anti-religion, hurtful, nor inappropriate comments. Twice now, people have posted hurtful/rude comments. Nobody is forcing you to read/visit the blog. Please, keep your anti-religion comments/thoughts to yourself. Vulgar language is also not allowed. The blog is meant to be uplifting and educational. It's meant to help people understand God's word and lessons. Starting now, Any hurtful, rude, anti-religion, mean, vulgar, disrespectful, or inappropriate comments will be read, responded to, and DELETED IMMEDIATELY. I will respond in hopes that the comment's author will read the response. If this continues after the "read, respond, delete" process, I will be changing the Comments Settings so all comments will be reviewed by me before being posted. Any comments of the above-listed nature will not be allowed. Thank you


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