Thursday, August 19, 2010

Courage in Faith

So I'm sure I've explained faith and what it entails. One thing I never mentioned is that faith can give you courage. I realized this when I was listening to "Find Your Wings" by Mark Harris. There's a line in the chorus that goes:

That faith gives you the courage
to dare to do great things.

I paused the song the first time I heard that so I could think that over. I realized that he's right! There is courage in faith. If you want courage, simply have faith that God is watching over you. Have faith that He loves you and will make everything OK. Simply put: Faith is the key. The key to courage, the key to heaven, the key to an AMAZING relationship with God. So next time you're walking through the Devil's valley, have faith that your God will lead you to His mountain. Then you will have the courage to walk through the valley, proudly, untouched by the Devil, for God is with you.

Have faith,

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