Friday, August 20, 2010

Through the Valleys

I was listening to my iPod (again) and came across the song "Mountain of God" by Third Day. It's an amazing song about strength and God's love. It starts off like this:

Thought that I was all alone
Broken and afraid
But You were there with me
Yes, You were there with me

And I didn't even know
That I had lost my way
But You were there with me
Yes, You were there with me

God is always with us. When we're broken, afraid, belittled, and overwhelmed, God helps us. Let Him be in you and you will make it through. Speaking of making it through...

Even though the journey's long
And I know the road is hard
Well, the One who's gone before me
He will help me carry on
After all that I've been through
Now I realize the truth
That I must go through the valley
To stand upon the mountain of God

For me, this is the most uplifting and powerful part of the song. It tells us that everybody has a long, hard journey, but God's there to help those who have faith. The last two lines are my favorites. There are mountains (ups) and valleys (downs) in everyone's lives. We have to learn how to face those downs with God.

I talked about this before, I believe, in the "Courage in Faith" article. When we are walking through life's valleys, we must have faith. Walk tall through life's challenges, knowing God is always at your side, helping you on. And when you're too weak to walk, and you think you can't go on, the LORD will carry you. But that's another article for another day. That will be continued in tomorrow's article "Footprints".

credits: Lyrics from the song "Mountain of God" by Third day. Lyrics were taken from

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