Saturday, August 14, 2010

God Can be in You

Do you ever think about God and say to yourself "Why is He so far away?"

There are millions of Christians in the world. It's very easy to think that God is so far away from us personally. Too busy to be with us personally. But He's not! That's the amazing thing. God is always with us, communicating with us, teaching us. He's not just up in his throne. We must remember that he came down to His people. Not in Godly form, but as man. He came down through Jesus Christ. We have to want to have a personal relationship with God. He's not going to do all the work to make a relationship work. You have to meet Him halfway. He will not come where He is not wanted. So you have to want Him in your life, and have faith that He will be with you as long as you believe. If you do that, God will be in you.


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