Tuesday, August 31, 2010

God's Answers

Alyssa posted a comment on the "God is Here for You" post a little while ago. It was a lot about God answering our prayers. Since that comment is kinda hidden away, I thought I would make an article out of it.

Have you ever prayed to God and thought He never gave an answer? For example, maybe you know lost someone close to you. You may wonder why God put you through that. Maybe you prayed and prayed that that person would stay healthy and with you, but nothing gets better. Would you doubt that He heard your prayers? Know this: God always hears and answers our prayers. As I've said before, God has a plan. He has reasons for everything He does. Alyssa talked about how she lost a family member, and she wondered why God would put her through so much pain. She eventually found out what God's answer was. The loss of her uncle strengthened her family's faith. Even though God always answers our prayers, it doesn't mean we will always like what the answer is. So if you don't think God is listening; if you don't think He gave you the right answer, remember that our God is always listening us, His children. Trust in Him; He always has the right answer.

Trust God,

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