Monday, August 23, 2010

Five Minutes to Go...

It was a Sunday like any other. Church started at 9:00, and my alarm was set for 7:30 so I could get ready and get to church in time to get a good seat. At least, I thought it was set... 8:50 came around and I was just stepping out of bed in my pj's. First thing that came to mind: "There's no way I'm getting to church today." So I didn't. I simply walked up to the living room, sat down, and watched tv.
Now I'm looking back on that day and wondering why I didn't go to church. God doesn't care how nice you look. His house has no dress code. The dress-nice-for-church attitude is not God's, it's just one that His people have come up with. Now I'm not saying we should never dress up for church or look nice. What I mean is: Don't skip church one day because you're having a bad hair day. God accepts us for who we are. What matters is that we are there to praise Him and learn His Word.

Come as you are,

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