Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Your Music Taste

This summer I was working at a strawberry patch and the subject of music came up. Everyone started talking about their favorite songs and who they want to see in concert and I started to realize a trend, everyone was talking about some hip hop rap or rock artist, they were singing about sex or hurting some girl or something along those lines. Then I realized I hadn't said a thing about my favorite song. At that everyone seemed to realize that too. So they all asked almost instantly, "Elise, what about you?" and I sat there and I remembered the first country song I ever heard called "The Long Black Train" by Josh Turner and no one knew about it, of course, it's country and its CHRISTIAN. It got me thinking, you know even our music affects how we live. And it affects how people see us. Yes, there are rock and hip hop that aren't talking about sex, but how about those bands that are Christian. Why don't they play those on the radio? We need to let people know there is awesome Christian music that is good to hear and lift your spirits. Such as Relient K and Skillet. Our music affects us whether we wanna believe it or not.

In Christ,


  1. yeah! Relient K used to be really big but i don't know what happened . hey ! Is it possible to attach a music player to the blog? That way we could feature a different artist maybe every week or two? Just an idea. Great point Elise!

  2. Alyssa,

    I'll check it out! :)