Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Saved From Doubt

Until recently, I was doubting the success of the blog here. I was getting bummed because of the low number/rate of views. I was doubting the quality of my writing, but right when I was about to give up, God talked to me. The first time it was through my girlfriend. I asked her what her opinion about the blog was. She told me she was proud and that she loved it (thank you, dear). The second was through someone whom I've never spoken to before. It was a reader who commented on a post. She talked about how she loves the blog, and how it has helped her with her relationship with God. I was talking to my best friend today and she actually ws the one to tell me about the post mentioned above. She was aware of the doubts I was having and told me: "You have doubts and God provides you a message to keep your faith strong". That's exactly what happened. God saw that I was having my doubts and he sent me those people, who helped me and kept me going. (Thank you to all those mentioned, you helped me so much.) So next time you are having doubts, whether they are doubts of faith, of other doubts, just look around. There might be a message from God waiting to be discovered. Amen

When in doubt, stay strong,

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