Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Faith Saves

Faith is very important and very powerful thing. Faith is believing and being certain of something we don't see. In this case, that thing we don't see is God. We have to have faith that God has a plan for us, and He does. Every little thing that happens is part of God's greater plan. Sometimes that plan includes things we don't like. I have a very close friend that had a battle with cancer. Throughout her fight, she kept her faith strong. She put her life into God's hands. She dropped life's reigns and let God do His thing, and she was rewarded for her faith. He got rid of her cancer! It's amazing what faith can do. You've probably heard me mention this before, and I'll mention it a million times more. The story of Joseph in Egypt. The terrible thing that happened to him, the cancer in his life, was being sold into slavery. Joseph kept his faith strong. He believed that God knew what is best. God rewarded him by bringing him up to be the Pharoah's right-hand man. Eventually, that led to Joseph's family being brought to Egypt, and then the Israelites being delivered from Egypt. So just remember, God has a plan for you. Keep your faith strong and you will be rewarded. Amen

Stay faithful,

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